CHRONIC NOISE "TOP OF THE WORLD" Put on hold....for now...

Seattle's own CHRONIC NOIZE have put their debut album, "Top of the World," on hold indefinately. Drummer Steve St. Germain has been fighting hard to bounce back from an illness and has been fighting hard to get back to 100%. Steve is a trooper and we all wish him a speedy recovery. If you wish to send Steve a "Get Well" message, direct email messages to:


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Steve St. Germain- drums Alan Alfano- guitarist/vocalist Michael Eachus- bass


"Chronic Noize is better than your best wet dream!" Those are the words guitarist/vocalist Alan Alfano uses to describe the music of Seattle's own CHRONIC NOIZE. With influences that range from Big Black to The Velvet Underground, Chronic Noize are poised and ready to make an impact on the Seattle music scene.

Together for three years, Chronic Noize is a virtual smorgasbord or rock-&-roll, with flavors that include alternative, punk, industrial, funk, and metal; all with a punkish "fuck you" attitude. "Our music is a cross breed of the decades; the 60's, 70's, 80's, and the 90's. There is at least something that was prominent from each one of those decades in our music, all lumped into a ball with a punk attitude," says Alan Alfano. "I think our music has a certain groove to it that keeps it from being one kind of music," comments Steve St. Germain. Like a chameleon, Chronic Noize can change colors without warning. With all of the different flavors that make up the music of Chronic Noize, you could say that Chronic Noize is like a buffet table of rock-&-roll.

Some of the more noteworthy accomplishments the band has achieved include: touring California in August 1997, and being featured on KBTC 91.7fm. Steve recently played a fill-in role for another Seattle band called Pig Sticker. Steve toured the New York area with them and the tour was highlighted by headlining the famous CBGB's. Another accomplishment worth mentioning is the band was banned recently from a shitty club in Seattle called Zak's because the band "played too loud and refused to turn it down." Chronic Noize dedicates a song called "Rats" to these fine people on their new album.

With all that in mind, Chronic Noize plan to release their first offering, titled "Top of the World," sometime in mid 1999. The album includes some very early material from the band's early days. "We have enough stuff now to release a double album, but we can't," says Steve. Be on the lookout in mid 1999 for the new album from Seattle's own CHRONIC NOIZE titled "Top of the World," which upon release will be available at Seattle area music stores.

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ALAN ALFANO Seattle, Wa. (206) 782-3909


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